Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do It Yourself! Temporary Tattoo...?

In the name of bargain hunting and saving money, today I dedicate this post to the cheapskate, artsy, tattoo artist wanna-be in all of us. Also, I am participating in The Pintester Movement! Don't know what that is? Get on it yo...

OK, for my retest of a Pintester test, I am going to attempt the DIY Temporary Tattoo. Find the Pintester's attempt here and the original instructions here.

Since I already have tattoo's this one should be cake. I mean, I am an expert since sat through all those sessions. Doing that helped to enable me to be the best DIY Temporary Tattoo maker/tester out there. I have a feeling I am going to rock this one!

Awesomeness not pictured
- Parchment Paper
- Pencil
- Gel Pen
- Cloth
- Warm water
- Skin (this is vital, the article didn't say if it would work on scales or scutes. (Sorry turtles, no DIY Tattoos for you!)
- Awesomeness (this one I didn't have to buy, I was naturally blessed with this. If you want to buy it I think amazon sells it for about $12.99 + free shipping if you are a prime member)

Start by sketching something out in pencil onto the parchment paper.. OK. What do draw, what to draw?

Got it...
My artistic skillz rox! 
Now trace over the pencil with the gel pen... sounds easy enough. Pen wouldn't work and draw on the parchment paper... it may be user error but I doubt it.

Next, place tattoo on skin and add warm water to transfer over. I was going to put it on my ass cheek but I figured I'd have a hard time taking a photo of it so I resorted to my hand.

Yea...Next time will remember that the transfer paper mirrors the image.. good thing I don't do this for a living. Test - 1  Lindsay - 0  


  1. Heehee! I love it anyway. Very fun!

  2. I love temporary tattoos! So fun even if it isn't perfect.

  3. haha how awesome is this! Look like you had a total blast regardless of the failure.

  4. ahahaha! that last photo killed me!!