Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boot the Bucks and Make Your Own Cup

I have been addicted to cold brew coffee for a long time. I kind of forgot about it until recently. It could have something to do with the fact that it's over 100 degrees out 23 hours of the day here.

If you have never had cold brew coffee you are in for quite a treat. Instead of taking hot coffee and cooling it in the fridge or pouring it over ice, the concept here is to brew it cold and strong so it tastes smooth and is highly caffeinated. You can use it to make iced mocha's, frappe's or ices lattes. It's not bitter and you don't need an espresso machine.

What you will need:
- A French Press (they are super cheap and handy to have)
- Coffee beans
- Coffee grinder

Start by grinding your coffee. You want a coarser grind than you would normally do for regular coffee. You can use already ground coffee if you want, I just prefer to use fresh beans and grind them coarse. It's easier to filter that way. Read the instructions for your press, depending on how many cups it is, depends on how much coffee you want to use.

My French Press is 4 cups, and I do about 1 cup of beans. That is quite strong I know, but I make a concentrate out of it. I'll explain later. But basically, the stronger the better with the cold brew.

Now, dump the coarsely ground coffee into the french press.

Now, add hot water to fill the press. Only fill it to the fill line recommended by your press instructions. The water doesn't need to be boiling, just hot tap water, or if you don't want tap water, heat the water in the microwave or tea kettle. 

Next, stir your coffee ground water mixture. 

Cover the top of your press with foil. You will not press the coffee until it's done brewing. Put the pitcher in the fridge. This coffee will need to stay in the fridge for 24 hours to brew. Yes it's brewed cold, hence cold brew coffee. Trust me on this one folks, this stuff is great! Over the next day while it's brewing, you can stir the mixture a few times, but the longer you let it brew the better.

After 1 day in the fridge, press the coffee with the press mechanism that comes with the french press. Pour the coffee into an air tight container (you will most likely not need to use all the coffee now). 

This is the best tasting cold coffee you will ever have. I use 1 part cold coffee 2 parts water and add ice and a little creamer and drink it over ice. If you like your coffee stronger like my crazy husband you can drink it straight. For the first time you try it play around with how much coffee grounds you use and how strong it is. You'll be surprised how strong it is and you don't want a crazy coffee buzz all day. 

Once you get a nice strong mix, try using a few ounces in a blender with some ice and powder creamer and milk. Add some vanilla syrup or chocolate syrup and you have a homemade frappe. 

Add a few ounces of the coffee concentrate with some milk and chocolate syrup and you have an iced mocha. It is really versatile and tasty, you just need to get it strong. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try it and how it works out, I am interested to hear feedback on this one :) 

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