Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jamberry Review

So these cute little nail wraps have been popping up everywhere - these are called Jamberry Wraps

I have wanted to try them for sometime so I received a sample in the mail. (here's a link to a consultant where you can request a sample or view the wraps:

I applied the wrap per the directions (which were easy enough but you have to pay attention and use the tips and tricks). I used my blow dryer and it worked fine (since I didn't have the heater).

That mani (and I am sorry I dont have a pic of it) lasted for almost two weeks. The gel nails started peeling first and the accent nail wrap (on my ring finger) was perfectly in tact.

This is the second mani I did. It was easy to apply. Most of the wraps fit me without much trimming. This one lasted me about 6 days but this was the first one I did that was ALL wraps. One wrap started lifting about day 6 but instead of filing it down - i picked at it. The rest of them were left fully in tact.

This is the most recent mani I did. I applied it yesterday and I am going to do a before and after picture once a week or so goes by. 

I did this pedicure almost 4 weeks ago. I only have one wrap on my large toe and the rest regular polish. It's still perfectly in tact.

All in all, I would say these are pretty good.

Here are the Pro's and Cons:

- So many styles
- Last for up to 2 weeks on hands and 6 weeks on toes
- Each sheet gives you 2 mani's and 2 pedi's
- Cost - only $15 per sheet

- Some trimming of the wrap may be needed (but still easy to trim)
- You have to get the hang of applying them but it is fairly easy you just need to follow the instructions

You can check out the wraps here:
These are what the sheets look like. I'm excited to try the chrome ones.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried them?