Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Ripped Jean Lace

Got a pair of jeans that have a hole creeping a little to large? want to stop the hole from getting bigger?

Don't toss those bad boys just yet! This is a quick easy fix that you can do to add a cute accent and save those jeans.

All you have to do is cut a piece of fabric (lace, cotton, whatever you want) larger than the size of the hole.

Pin the fabric to the wrong side of the jean section. This would mean you are sewing on the inside of the jeans.

Find a thread color that matches the color or your jean the closest.

Sew the patch to the inside of the jean. I was able to use my sewing machine for the example below, but if your pant is a skinny jean or you are having problems fitting it under the machine, then just hand sew it.

Viola!  I get complimented on this all the time and now plan to do it to all my jeans.

After posting this without pictures, I added another post here with pictures on how to do this.

DIY Ripped Jean patch blog post with pictures.

By sewing in the lace it prevented
the hole from getting bigger and
added a nice accent to my jeans!

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