Monday, February 25, 2013

Ripped Jean Tutorial #2

I had posted recently a ripped jean lace tutorial. When I was doing the fix and adding the lace I completely spaced taking pictures.

This is another jean tutorial to add accents and cover those holes. This time I actually remembered to take pictures. Hopefully this will be a little more helpful than the last one!

This tutorial is really good for those jeans that you bought that were already cut with holes or distressing. After a few washes or from wearing, the hole gets too big and you want to cover it up.

First things first; grab your jeans that you want to fix.


Now, cut a piece of fabric, lace, or whatever you want to use. Just make sure whatever you choose has the same washing capabilities as your jeans. I chose a fun green because the hole I am covering is small, so this will give a fun pop of color. Cut the fabric just a little bit bigger than the size of the hole, and it's easiest to cut a square shape.

 Now turn your jean inside out. For those novice sewers, you almost always sew on the inside of the clothing. 

Next, pin your fabric to cover the hole on the inside of the jean. 

Start sewing the first corner of your square fabric color. Make sure to use a thread that matches the color of your jeans. Unless you want to see the thread and use a fun color. For this tutorial I used a blue to match my jean. You can do this using a sewing machine or by hand sewing. I chose to use my sewing machine because it's faster.

Turn the fabric to sew each corner. Sew all the way around the fabric and try to keep a straight line as possible  It can be a little tough to moosh all the fabric around the sewing machine, just take your time. 

Lastly, cut all the loose threads and turn your jean right side in. 

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