Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Heart Tutorial

Today will be a quick post on how to create hearts. You can do this with regular nail polish or gel nail polish. In the photos below I was using regular polish.

I used a dotting tool. I got a package of them on amazon for very cheap but they shipped from over seas so they took some time to get to me. You can use a tack, safety pin, or a toothpick as well.

**Update** One of my readers (thanks Mom!) pointed out that using the foil helps while doing this. Don't try dipping the dotting tool directly into the bottle of polish. It is hard to see how much you are getting on the tool. Use a piece of foil or plastic wrap. This also helps when using a thin brush tool as well!

                                                                 Happy Hearting!


  1. ohhhhhhhh THAT'S how you do it, putting the polish on the foil. I tried doing dots but dipped the dotting tool in the bottle, which was to hard to control. Thanks for the pics!

    1. Oh good call, I should point that out in my post! Yes it's much easier to put it on foil so that you don't get it all over the dotting tool and you have more control of how much you use. Stupidly, I tried using a paper towel but the polish soaked into it! Foil is much better.