Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Matte About You Nail Polish Review

I have been addicted to the matte nail polish! It's so cute and fun, and since my recent encounter with the matte-like liquid sand nail polish; I have been obsessed with the Matte Polishes.

Unfortunately I am cheap, and do not want to buy all new polishes just to get the Matte effect, SO... I tried the Matte About You Top Coat from Essie. I have to say that I have tried Matte Top Coats before, the last one I got was from Sephora (I don't remember the brand) but it did not look right and I was highly disappointed. Needless to say, I was skeptical to try the Essie top coat. I should save my skepticism for bad movies and dark alley ways because this top coat did exactly what it said it was supposed to do!

First, I applied a base coat.

Then two coats of China Glaze 'Spontaneous'. Make sure to let each coat dry really well so it's not too thick.

Next, I applied one top coat of the Essie Matte About You. Be careful not to put too thick of a coat. It kind of dries fast so you want to make sure you cover the whole nail. One coat was more than enough for me. It dried pretty quickly to the touch.

My recommendation? APPROVED! I am excited to try using the top coat on half and keeping it glossy on the other half.

Best way to save your old polish and get that Matte look without having to spend a ton of money! Go get yoself some of this. I got mine on amazon for about $7!

Before Matte Top Coat
After Essie Matte About you Top Coat

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