Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liquid Sand Nail Polish Review

I happened to be at Ulta today (BTW it was my first time in there, and OMG! I love this place! How have I not been here before?) Anyway, I saw the O.P.I. Liquid Sand Nail Polish. They had a little fake fingernail display and it looked neat. So I decided to purchase the mini sampler pack because I couldn't decide which color I wanted. Also, Mariah Carey was on the box looking all hott and I thought maybe if I get this nail polish I can look hott like Mariah (fat chance!).

Mini bottles of O.P.I Liquid Sand
I decided that since it's so close to Valentines day that I would try "The Impossible" which is the pink/reddish color.

The directions say to use a base coat and then apply two coats of the color. Do not use a top coat. Sweet! Even better - I don't have to wait for a top coat to dry. SOLD!

O.P.I. Liquids Sand in "The Impossible"
I was so impressed! The color didn't take long to try and it looked as cool as it looked on the fake fingernail thingy in the store. That rarely happens!

The color is really pretty, it's a pink with some red undertones. There is a lot of glitter in it, but it's not super sparkly. The coolest thing about the liquid sand polish is that it really looks like sand. It's matte, not shiny like other glitters. It has a cool texture and looks awesome in natural light. I am hoping the color lasts longer than regular polish.

My recommendation is to try it. Get the mini pack - it seems like a little bit of this polish will go a long way. Also the large bottles were $8 a piece at Ulta and the mini pack was only $12. I am cheap.. and I wanted to try multiple colors. Mini pack it is!

I can't wait to try some fun designs with the sand texture using regular polish and this polish! I will have to do another post when I have time to play.

Until next time.. ta ta my nail art addicts :)

Am I all sexy like Mariah Carey now?
Oh yeah, still rocking the sling from
my surgery.. that's hot!

OK fine, here's another more serious pic of what the polish looks like

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