Friday, September 21, 2012

Camping on a Budget

I am preparing for a camping trip in a few days so I decided to go ahead and post some of my budgetary pointers on camping cheaply. Now this all depends on what you have going on and how long you will be out, what supplies you already have etc. But there are some basic tips I can give you that will help so you don't walk out of the store spending way more than you should have. When shopping for clothing, shoes, purses, etc. walking out with more you intended is acceptable especially if you got something on sale. "But honey, it was on SALE" AKA buy it now even though you have no idea what you are going to do with it. You're crafty you will figure something out!

Right - back to camping...

First, remember that camping is primitive, so you don't need a whole lot. When packing, pack light and pack things that you are going to be OK bringing back with you. (even thought they are delish, shrimp shells might not smell pleasant from the trash bag at the end of your trip).

Also, check your camp stash before you leave so that you don't end up buying things you already have. Make your list then go to the store. Don't plan on figuring it out there. You will always buy more that way. Also, for preparing meals, look in your cabinets to see what you can make with those canned goods that are probably already expired. No need to donate them during a food drive when you can cook it up camp style!

Hit up the dollar store for a lot of things so that you can save on your budget for that juicy steak you want to grill.

- Paper plates, napkins etc. I personally like to have one set of plastic plates and bowls per person in your family. This way you have less trash and never need to replenish. You can buy dollar store plastics cheaply and they usually hold up just fine.

- First aid kit essentials are my fav to get at the dollar store. Band-aids, gauze, and all that. You know little Tommy is going to skin his knee chasing a bear into the woods, so make sure you are prepared. Safety first!

- Batteries for your flash lights. Since you don't use the flash light in your junk drawer anymore and instead use a flash light app on your phone, the batteries always die from sitting so long. Stock up on any you will need without breaking the bank! Sometimes, depending on the dollar store you are at, you can find flash lights. I wouldn't depend on that as your primary light source however. Give it to the kids to use in their tent. They will most likely break it anyway. And who cares? It was a buck!

You would be surprised at what you can find. I hit the jackpot with my triple pack of antibacterial wet wipes!

This is my bounty from my dollar store trip. Score with the 2 pack ankle support!
8 pack of AAA batteries? I am loving this! 

Here are some fun, easy, and cheap camping ideas for meals:

Camper Baked Potatoes: Potatoes are cheap and multipurpose.

- Slice the potato so the slits go half way through the potato. Put butter in the center of a few slits. Add garlic, onions or whatever you like. Roll in foil and toss in the camp fire for about 30 minutes.

Burritos: Using some flour tortilla's saves you space in your gear, plus match your potato and tortillas for a yummy breakfast.

- Precook some chicken or hamburger meat at home, add the seasoning and veggies as desired. Just heat up the mix in a pot on the fire, then plop in a tortilla and add some sour cream and cheese!

Pudding in a bag: I saw this on-line once and decided it's a must do at the next camp session. Tasty and easy! 

- Pour instant pudding mix into a bag and add the ingredients as normal. Toss in the air, throw at your brother, who cares, just mix it up! Slice a little slit in the bag to serve. 

Hot diggity dog: Hot dogs are easy, cheap, and the kids can help cook. 

- Find a stick. Place hot dog onto stick. Cook. Enjoy!

My final tip for camping cost cutting is campsuds! Whew, say that five times fast! This enchanted bottle acts as a multipurpose cleaner. You can clean hands, face, hair, clothing, dishes or anything washable. Plus it's biodegradable. Yay for Earth friendly products! This stuff is super concentrated so you don't need much and the bottle lasts forever. I got my bottle on... you guessed it - I got my 8oz bottle for $10 and free shipping if you are a prime member. I didn't realize how concentrated it was so I didn't need a bottle this size. 

You know I will be so fresh and so clean while camping!

That's all I have for now folks. Hope this helps! If you have any other suggestions please comment so other readers can take advantage of all of our frugal ways!


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