Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween done discounted

OK now ghouls and ghosts; get ready for an increase in candy sales, sugar high kids, and a lot of overpriced costumes.

Halloween is awesome. I look at it as the "official" start to the fall season. Which means I can make everything pumpkin and not get weird looks.

Decorating can get really expensive if you are throwing a party or dressing the little ones to go out. Here are a few quick cost saving tips for anyone looking to save a little money.

1. Think about not buying pre-packaged costumes. It is so much easier and cost effective to piece things together on your own by hitting up the thrift store or craft store. Go on-line and get ideas from party city or other Halloween costume stores but refrain from buying those over prices cheaply made costumes until you've looked to see if you can do them on your own.

Also, I've noticed  many of these companies sell the same costumes at different prices. So if you do decide to purchase one, shop around, and look for coupons before ordering the first one you see.

This website is good to check out. People submit easy make your own costume ideas.

2. If you can hold off, wait to buy anything. Walgreens, Wal-mart, and all the large chains usually mark everything down the day before the big trick-or-treat fest. So if you can be open to what you are doing, wait to buy anything so you can get it 50% off.

3. For all your party supplies, plan ahead! Look on a few websites and try Not only can you get some party supplies, they usually have codes for free shipping if you spend a certain amount. Also, you can go ahead and buy your candy for the big day. They have all kinds to choose from and usually average cheaper than the grocery stores.

4. The dollar store is you friend! You would be surprised at how many things you can get there. I wouldn't suggest getting candy, often times the bags are small and after you buy 5 small bags, you could have gotten a large bag of good candy. But they do have all kinds of decorations, and even some small costume accessories. My dollar store decorations have held up pretty well.

5. My last tantalizing tip is those haunted houses! You can normally find deals on groupon or other coupon places. Also, if you go during the week you can often get cheaper rates.

Alright, what did I miss? Got any suggestions you can add to my list?

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