Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tiger Nails - Rawr!

Tiger Nails! Rawr! 

Ok today I am posting another idea that I got from the book 'DIY Nail Art' by Catherine Rodgers. Like I said in some of my other posts, I am not clever enough to think of these ideas on my own and you should check out her book here, on amazon.

At first, I thought this one may be difficult but it was actually pretty easy and even better, the nails turned out pretty well!

I changed the instructions a little from what she posted in the book so here is my take on it:
Paint nails white first.
Then using a small make up sponge, blot 2/3 of the way with the yellow.
Then blot the tip of the nail with orange.
Use a gold or orange glitter and blot all the color.
Using a nail art brush paint black stripes.
Lastly, use a top coat!

Get creative and let your inner tiger out!

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