Friday, April 19, 2013

Cute Leopard Mani

I'm feeling frisky and ready for another animal print mani!

I used a picture I saw on-line and mocked the idea adding a little of my own touch.

Start by prepping and painting your nails. I used Gelish Harmony Gossip Girl for the pink and use a gold I had for my ring finger and thumb. You want the accent finger to be a little lighter so you will be able to see the leopard design.

Next, using a dotting tool, crate odd shaped circles on your accent nail with the all over color you used on your other nails. So in this cause, use the pink to create the odd shaped dots on the gold.

Now, using the dotting tool again, create little odd shaped "C" shapes around the pink dots. Also, put a random black dot to give it a little accent. It's easier if you put your polish onto a piece of foil and dip the dotting tool onto the foil instead of trying to dip the dotting tool into the bottle of polish.

Now add some accent rhinestones to some of the pink leopard spots by dipping a tooth pick or an orange stick into some clear coat. Open your case of gems, and pick one out with the tip of the stick. Then place the  gem on your nail and top it off with clear coat.

Have fun trying different colors and accents. This is one you can probably do after having a few glasses of wine. My mom and I had a little slumber party and I managed to get a good result after 3 glasses of wine. Mani and wine FTW!

We did this using the gel polish. Please keep in mind if you are trying designs with the gel polish that you need to cure each coat. After we put the all over color on, we cured it in the UV light. Then we did another coat of the all over, cured again. We did the dots with black gel polish, then cured the dots in the UV light. Then we added the gems, and did two coats of the top coat, curing it after every coat.

If you do this with regular polish make sure to let each coat dry in between so you don't have any lumps or bumps.

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