Thursday, April 18, 2013

Striped Dot Nail Tutorial

Striped Dot Manicure

Alright folks, I am back for another fun quick nail tutorial!

This one looks like it may be a little hard but it is actually very easy.

All you need:
- Dotting tool
- Two different color polishes
- Gems for accent

Start by painting your nails your all over color. In this case, I used the Gelish Harmony 'Seafoam'. A nice spring time color. And for the accent we used a black polish.

Next, start by creating a few dots using a dotting tool with a different color from your all over color onto your nail. We chose to put the dots going vertical all the left side of the nail.

Continue creating the dots in a straight line. Try to make each dot the same size. Practice using the dotting tool by putting the color onto some foil and dipping the dotting tool into the polish on the foil and creating dots on the foil. This way you can know how much polish you need on the tool in order to get the size you want on your nail.

Now, finish the rest of your nails, and if you want to add something different, try accenting different nails by placing a rhinestone instead of a dot. Also we created a diagonal line on the thumb to create a different effect.

Have fun with it and try different colors and designs! Thanks to my awesome Mommy for being my hand model on this tutorial :)

We did this using the gel polish. Please keep in mind if you are trying designs with the gel polish that you need to cure each coat. After we put the all over color on, we cured it in the UV light. Then we did another coat of the all over, cured again. We did the dots with black gel polish, then cured the dots in the UV light. Then we added the gems, and did two coats of the top coat, curing it after every coat.

If you do this with regular polish make sure to let each coat dry in between so you don't have any lumps or bumps.

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