Friday, August 9, 2013

Yellow Glitter Ombre Mani

This is a quick easy one. I haven't posted in awhile I know I am a slacker. I have been so busy and that isn't going to change with the up coming weeks.

I have been focusing a lot lately on my weight loss journey. I made the decision it was time for me to start getting healthy instead of talking about it and wishing for it. It's been 4 weeks and I am down 10 pounds and still going strong! In case you are interested I have started a separate blog about my journey. You can find that here.

OK... back to why you are here. This awesome mani was done with gel polish but can be done with regular polish. Instead of posting step by step instructions on how to do this, I am going to point you to a different post that shows it because it's the exact same steps just different colors.

I like the yellow with the silver glitter a lot. It really pops. In case you are curious I used IBD Just Gel Polish, color was called Rocco. I started trying the IBD colors as compared to the Gelish Harmony brand, and I am glad I branched out. These colors are just as great, go on smoothly, and they are about $4 cheaper. And... you all know how much I like saving money! So pop on amazon and take a look!

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