Friday, October 11, 2013

No Sew Girls Halloween Headband

Someone, please help me! I am addicted to the glue gun! I found this blog post on Pinterest that showed me how to create these adorable little fabric flowers and I have started going crazy with making headbands and hair clips.

I have decided to recreate the tutorial in my own way, but I do not want to take credit for this. As I said I found this post that initially gave me the idea.

I have made a few pretty girly ones but with Halloween right around the corner I decided to make a few for a friends little girl in black and orange.

I decided on black fabric and orange tulle for accent
What you will need:
- Hot glue gun
- Soft felt (about 2 square inches worth)
- Fabric
- Elastic (for headband) or clip
- Ribbon or tulle for accent (optional)

Start by cutting your fabric. I used about 14 inches of fabric length at about 1 and 1/2 inched wide.
Now, cut a circle out of your felt.
Next tie your fabric in a knot at the end and glue knot to the felt in the middle (see picture below).

I tied my fabric knot with my tulle for accent. You can
Do the same with ribbon or other accent material.
Now, twist the fabric as you roll the fabric and glue it down as you go around. You want the fabric to be sort of tight so it glues down and does not come undone. If you hold it down as you glue it, it makes it easier.

Repeat these steps until you are done wrapping the fabric around the knot.

If you have extra fabric left over tuck it underneath the felt on the backside and glue it down. Cut any access felt so it's not exposed in the front.

If you are making a hair clip, glue the clip to the back of the felt. If you want, you can hand sew it as well.

If you are making a headband, cut the elastic to size then glue it to the back of the felt. Take another piece of felt and cover the part you just glued. By doing this, you cover the exposed glue and protect the head from scratches. (some photos below of another headband I did so you get the idea)

These are so easy to make and you can use them for far more than headbands and hair clips. They can be easily applied to jackets, pinned on purses, or just pinned to a cute blazer.

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