Saturday, June 7, 2014

Window Bench Seat Tutorial

I moved into my house over 2 years ago and since the day we moved in I vowed to make some benches for our bedroom window seats. We had these cutouts in each of the 3 spare bedrooms that would make a perfect seat or reading nook but they have no other purpose except for a spot for my cats to peer out the window and cackle to birds.

While on sabbatical I finally had time to create the bench seats and lucky for you, I documented it for a tutorial.

I am extremely surprised at how easy this was. It didn't take me very long and to top it off I did not need any help from my husband! (except the initial step where he cut out the boards but I could have done that on my own! haha).

Supplies and tool that you will need:
- A board cutout the size of your window area or bench (I used a pressed wood compound that you can get at any hardware store. It doesn't need to be thick)
- Foam cut out the same size of the board (you can order on-line or you can find places that will sell these and cut them for you. Its just a seat foam, I used the cheapest grade knowing it won't be used a lot)
- Some kind of batting the size of the foam and board. I got mine at Jo-Ann and used a basic cotton batting like used in quilts.
- Fabric large enough to cover the foam and board with extra to allow for stapling. I used an upholstery fabric from Jo-Ann.
- Scissors
- Hot Glue gun
- Staple Gun

Start by placing the board on a flat surface. I used some stand my husband has.. I don't know what he uses it for but it was useful in this project. You can also use a table or other sturdy surface.

Place the foam on the board to ensure sizing is correct. Then glue the corners of the foam to the board. This is more just to keep it from shifting while you are covering the foam. It doesn't need to be really sturdy or perfect.

Next place the batting over the foam. Make sure you have enough room to fold over the corners and cover the foam.

Now, using the hot glue gun, glue the edges from the batting down onto the foam. I used quite a few glue sticks for this. Fold the corners and glue in place.

Now place your fabric over the foam and flip the board over trying not to shift the fabric too much. You want to keep the fabric nice and tight. In the next step we will be stapling down the fabric.

Once you've flipped the board over and have it on a nice flat surface, pull each side of the fabric tight and staple the fabric to the back of the board.

When you reach the corners, tuck in the fabric and fold around. Make sure you get the corners nice and smooth.

Finish all sides and staple well ensuring to pull the fabric tight and making sure there are no wrinkles.

That is it! You are done. Place the bench in the window and enjoy. I did two of the three bedrooms in about an hour and I love the way they turned out. My cats love the new perch! The other one is for the nursery for my daughter who is expected to come in about 2 months!

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