Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pink Glam Nail Mani

It's been awhile since I posted! I am so sorry! I have been very busy. But I think you will like this one and I hope this makes up for it.

I am going to post most of the steps for this one but not all of them because it's actually quite easy and like a lot of my other tutorials.

What you will need:
- Base and Top coats
- All over color ( I used IBD Funny Bone - a pink gel color)
- Sliver glitter (or lose glitter)
- Rhinestone gems (I used stars and a square one for my pinky)

Start by prepping your nails first (file, clip etc) then paint all of your nails with your base coat. Next paint all of your nails with your all over color.

Next, on your thumb, use a toothpick or orange stick to apply three star rhinestones in a row. Use clear top coat to get it to stick to your nail.

Then apply a single gem to your pinky. Paint your ring finger with silver glitter. On your pointer finger do an ombre effect and just paint the tip of the nail.

Make sure to put a nice thick top coat on the nails that have the gems. I start by putting a small dot of top coat right on top of the gem then use the brush to even it out. This allows to get a good thick coat so the gems do not fall off.

Be creative and have fun!

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