Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leopard Zebra Mani

I like this fun bright manicure. I know it's the middle of fall and I should be dusting off all of my dark colors but I decided to brighten things up and go with this one.

I have been playing around with regular nail polish these days. It's easier to take off than the gel and I have so much time on my hands these days due to my knee surgery. Anyway hope you enjoy this easy cute mani.

What you will need:
- Top and base coats
- Pink polish
- White polish
- Black polish
- Dotting tool
- Thin nail brush

Start by prepping your nails like you normally would (file, clip, etc.)

Paint your index, middle, and pinky fingers pink and your thumb and ring finger white. Let dry completely.

On the pink fingers, add a few black dots using your dotting tool.

Then create little "C" shapes around the dots in a random pattern.

On the white fingers, paint thin black strips to make a zebra effect.

Finish with a top coat and enjoy! Have fun trying this with different color combinations.

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