Friday, November 8, 2013

Using a Nail Stamper

Indoor light
I have had my mash nails stamping plates for quite some time and haven't done anything with them. I pulled them out and tried this neat floral type design.

Start by painting your nails an all over color. I chose purple. Let dry completely before stamping.

Now chose your stamping plate and paint your accent color onto the stamp. I used white. Use your scraper to scrape off the excess polish. Then take your stamper and stamp it onto the polish.

Now take the stamper and make sure you have a good solid design on the rubber part. If you do quickly stamp it onto your nail.

Wipe off the stamper and the scraper and the plate with nail polish remover and repeat each step for every finger.

The stamper kit is something you have to practice with but when you get the hang of it you can come up with some really neat designs! 

In sunlight

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