Sunday, November 10, 2013

Marble Nails - My First Attempt

I have had entirely way too much time on my hands lately so I've been pulling out all of the nail polish tricks.

The marble nails are something that I have always wanted to try and went ahead and attempted them a few days ago. I was surprised at how easy this was. It was a bit time consuming but with a bit of patience you can have some awesome water marble nail designs.

What you will need:
- Base and top coats
- Nail colors (as many as you want)
- A cup of water
- Q-tips
- Tape
- Nail polish remover and a brush (to remove excess)
- Toothpick (or small dotting tool end)

The first thing you need to do is prep your nails by filing, clipping, etc. Then go ahead and paint your nails with your base coat and let dry. Next, paint all of your nails an all over color. I used a light nude color. It's best to use a color that will match your marble colors in case there are spots missed. If you use a similar color the mistake won't show through as easy.

Now, before you start your water polish, tape your nails around the cuticle. This is to help reduce the amount of polish you get on your finger when you dip it into the water.

Now with the colors you have picked for the marble, start by adding drop by drop alternating each color into the cup of water. You want the water to be room temperature and you want a nice thin polish that will spread in the water. **hint** if you apply a drop into the water and it does not spread, try using a different polish. Take your Qtip and remove any of the polish that you have added and try adding drops to the water until you find a good polish. Make sure to remove all of the polish and excess drops of the polish you do not want to use before trying another color.

Now take a toothpick and make your design in the water. Be careful not to press too hard you want to use a light touch and swirl around the polish. Move quickly because the polish will start to dry.

Once you find a design in the water that you like dip your nail completely into the water. Take your Qtip and remove the remainder of the polish so there is a clear area when you go to pull your nail out of the water.

Remove the tape and use the nail polish and brush to clean up any excess polish.

Repeat for each nail and ensure the water is clean before you start adding drops of polish into the water. There are so many combinations and ideas that you can do with this. Have fun!

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