Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Striped Nail Tutorial

This is a fun easy one that you can do if you have nail striping tape or you can use regular tape. The great thing about this mani is that the possibilities are endless and there are so many color combinations.

Here is what you will need:
- Base coat and top coat
- Two nail colors (I used white and purple)
- Nail striping tape (or scotch tape)
- A glass of wine (ok not necessary but important nonetheless!)

Start by prepping your nails (clip, file, etc). Then paint your base coat and let dry. Then paint your nail with your all over color. You want to make sure you accent color can cover the all over cover well. I chose to use the purple on the bottom because I knew the white would cover the purple.

Now, place your nail striping tape (or regular tape) in your design manner. I chose to do different designs.

Now, paint your accent color on the side of the nail you want. If you are using the nail striping tape, be careful not to paint onto the other side of the nail. If you want and have a steady hand, feel free to leave the striping tape on the nail and just paint the top coat over the tape. Make sure to trim the excess edges.

Let dry completely before removing the tape. Then apply your topcoat. Enjoy!

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