Thursday, December 5, 2013

Neon Peek-a-Boo Nail Tutorial

Photo in natural light

Happy Holidays! It's been a fun past few weeks. I've been busy but I haven't forgotten about my nails. I did this nail design about a month ago but I love it so much I had to post it even though it's a bit summery. You can try this with so many different colors but I love the neon touch. I am heading to the Dominican Republic in about 6 weeks and I may have to recreate this!

What you will need:
- base and top coat
- 4 different colors
- nail striping tape

Prep your nails (clip, file, etc) then paint your base coat. A base coat is very important because it helps your nails look more even so the polish goes on smoothly. Also, they sometimes have vitamins so it will help hydrate your nails. Lastly, they help so the polish does not stain your nail.

Paint each of your index, middle, and pinky fingers a different color. I chose to use pink, yellow, and orange.

Now on your thumb and ring finger, paint stripes of each of the colors you painted on your other nails.

Using your striping tape, make a triangle design on your thumb and ring fingers

Now paint the exposed area with the last color (in my case, blue). I chose to make an opposite effect where I painted inside the triangle on my ring finger and outside of the triangle on my thumb.

Let polish completely dry before removing the tape. Once dry, apply the top coat. Try different designs and different color combos on this one. Enjoy!

Photo in artificial light

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